Where to eat in NYC – Julieleinchen’s Food(ie) Guide

Christmas comes quite early this year, because you finally get to read my second blogpost about my trip to NYC. 😉 Just kidding, but it took me a while to get back on track with university stuff, blogging and so on.

I wasn’t surprised when I found out that New York is North America’s most expensive city, as it was kind of hard to find affordable food spots there. That’s why I wanna present you my personal New York City Food Guide with all the restaurants and cafés I’ve visited. The dollar signs tell you if the prices are low ($), affordable ($$) or expensive ($$$).



Le Pain Quotidien ($$) – Choose one of the many locations all over New York City where they serve fresh and delicious food (using organic ingredients whenever possible) in a cozy atmosphere.



Bread & Butter
($) and ‚ESSEN Fast Slow Food ($) are two of the countless bistros in New York City where you can pick whatever you like from huge fresh buffets. I loved the oatmeal plus the various toppings they offer: nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruits, coconut chips, granola,…


L U N C H & D I N N E R

Park Avenue Tavern ($$) – Wanna dine in a chic but not too fancy classic New York restaurant? If your answer is ‚yes‘, this place is an absolute must.

Wholefoods Market ($) is my favorite grocery store in the U.S. and I absolutely love their salad bars. Just in case you’re not such a salad junkie as I am, they also have buffets with warm dishes, sandwiches, pizza, sushi, burgers & Co.

Gallagher’s Steakhouse ($$$) – Spending (at least) one evening in a super fine and classy steakhouse in an absolute must if you visit New York. Put on your best dress and your highest heels and treat yourself with an incredible dinner.

Chelsea Market ($$) – You better come here hungry or you won’t be able to try all of the tasy goodies the vendors in this indoor food hall spoil you with. Beyond sushi is the bomb and my absolute favorite!


($$) is a trendy restaurant in Little Italy where healthy and fresh local seafood is served in a mediterranean ambiance at affordable prices.


Refinery Rooftop
($$) – Last and definitely not least, let me tell you, that place is beyond amazing! I discovered this is exceptional rooftop restaurant on my last day in NYC and it was love at first sight.. I mean bite. #LunchWithAView at its finest!




What about you? Have you ever been to New York? Tell me about your experiences with finding affordable cafés/restaurants!





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